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People say we have bad times. I bought a new clock - unfortunately that action did not make Europe better.

Let me do a 2.000 years retrospective :in the Bible there is a story from the 3 holy kings. Scientists found that it were neither 3 not holy and no kings - they have been dealers with their camels from today's Morocco over Northafrica, the Lebanon, the Turkey up to the today's Bashkiria (Southrussia). They sold anything, textiles, spices, rare metal and what in the visited lands was needed. That region was in that times the richest on the earth.

Today is the old route hardly to use.

Fortunately no war has been in Europe during the past 50 years. After the second worldwar the growth of economy was very big. In Germany we will soon have 5 millions unemployed people. Maybe up to a million of them have other income- the remaining unemployed people are willing and able to be qualified workers. Not to use this potential causes the breakdown of the economy.

In the 60ies there was the idea to build a highspeedtrain which does not have rails or wheels. Its name was "Transrapid". Germany sold this train to China last year and it is working fine. My idea (and that is this page about) is to build and run the (let´s call it "Eurorapid") from Rotterdam via Berlin, Warschau, Minsk to Moscow (see Route on the pic above) 2.460 km long. The time to travel will be 7 hours as well for pessengers as well for goods. About 33 millions unemployed people in Europe would be in "job and money". After completing the project it is necessity to maintain the system. The "rail" (Concrete-inbedded Steel and Copper) is as well a wire as well an "endless" transformer. Beside the route there would be pipelines for Oil and Gas and Telephone / Internet lines usefull.

The name of this domain is Davajte (speak : davaitje). It means  "hurry up! " (plural) in Russian Language. I did this page in German language and am looking for Webmasters for dutch , polish , baltic and Russian. The Webmasters will get emailadresses and should read, answer or delete mails, post interesting mails on this page and should add links to the political people.

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Harald Grecksch, Viersen, siehe auch  www.hgrecksch.de